Monday, December 29, 2008

One year old? Already?

Wow, it is amazing how time flies. It seems like yesterday when I was in the hospital giving birth, I can't believe that my little baby boy is already a year old! But, I must say that even through the hard times, the sad times, and happy times, I will cherish each and every memory I have from his first year of life. Jaxson is such a sweet, happy little baby (he'll always be a baby to me) and he is so smart and already has the cutest, most fun personality I have ever seen in a little kid. I can't wait to cherish the memories we will make in his years to come. WE love you Jaxson J., Happy Birthday! Here is a little glimpse of Jax's life so far:

Jaxson leaving the hospital, 2 days old.
First smile on camera.
A few months old.

Getting bigger.

Playing at about 6 1/2 months old.
First time at the beach, 7 1/2 months old.

The busy tornado begins... 9 1/2 months old

Happy Birthday little one year old!

Jaxson had so much fun wrestling with his cousins and playing with his toys at his birthday party!

A little peek of the sports cakes I made for the big day

Jax digging into his basketball cake
Luckily we caught it before it fell. And by the way, he didn't really eat all of the cake that is gone, we started picking at it after awhile.

Mission accomplished

All smiles at the end of the day on his pow, pow, Power wheels (I think Brandon was more excited about this than Jaxson was)

Happy Birthday baby J., We love you!

Merry Christmas

I love Christmas! Christmas is such a wonderful time of year. I love the Holiday spirit, the joy and kindness that people share, the time spent with family and friends, and most of all the celebration of our Savior Jesus Christ and his birth. I am so grateful to be able to celebrate my Savior's birth and to share the Christmas spirit with others. It is the only time of year that I can actually notice a difference in people as they try to be giving, loving, and more Christ-like. If only it were Christmas all year long...
Anyway, this Christmas was especially wonderful this year since we were able to spend it as our own little family in our own home. It was so much fun! Also, we were able to have a beautiful white Christmas! But, Jaxson could have cared less about opening his presents, but he enjoyed them after they were unwrapped and most of all he enjoyed all of the time he got to spend with his family!

Jaxson got a lot of sports toys and daddy was so excited that he liked them.

However, he was more excited about climbing on his toys than anything.

He wasn't the only one excited about his presents though...cute shoes for everyone!

We went to Gramma and Papa's for Christmas dinner and they dressed Jaxson up as a reindeer.

Then we had a whole other Christmas! Thanks Gramma and Papa for spoiling me.

I spent a lot of time these past couple of months making a memory book for my mom and dad about their grand kids and I was so excited to give it to them. Everyone else enjoyed it too! It was the best present for me to see them enjoy it so much.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving, Anniversary, and 11 months

I've always loved the Holiday season and the wonderful Holiday spirit that it brings. I love being around family, expressing gratitude, and enjoying everything that goes along with it. Well, this year was extra special for our family for a variety of reasons. First of all, we got to celebrate Thanksgiving with Jaxson for the very first time. Second, we got to celebrate 3 years of wonderful marriage the day before Thanksgiving. Third, Jaxson turned 11 months old on our Anniversary! There were many other little details that made this week even better, but with or without them, it was a great week!

Here's our little stud-muffin on Thanksgiving day in his little sweater vest and blazer.

One of my cooking assignments was making the rolls for thanksgiving dinner and fortunately they turned out great (I always get a little nervous).

Gramma and Papa with the grand kids on thanksgiving after a wonderful feast.

It wouldn't be a holiday without the family gathering round to play some cards (especially with the Wagar side of the family).

Happy Anniversary! I love you!

Brandon and I went shopping together a couple weeks before our Anniversary to get ourselves presents so we decided that we wouldn't really give each other anything else on the actual day. Well I cheated a little and got Brandon some delicious and super cute cookies from cookies by design.

However, Brandon cheated a lot and got me a new gym in our house! He even managed to surprise me with it. He said he had to work in the morning and since he knew I was going to my mom's all day to help with Thanksgiving pies, he had a guy from work come to our house to help him build everything and then when we came home to get ready for dinner this is what I got! It's an awesome functional trainer with tons of options, a spinner bike, and an elliptical. (But I know he really got it for himself and tried to use our Anniversary as a cover so that he wouldn't get in trouble, but its OK because I love it!)

Last but certainly not least, Jax is 11 months old. He is getting so big and it makes me want to cry that he is almost a year old. They really do grow up fast. But, besides just having the wonderful opportunity to celebrate the holidays with our little boy, he added to the excitement... Jaxson started walking (I think that's an exciting thing, but I haven't quite decided yet). This video is the first time we saw him walk.

Anyway, he started walking the day before Thanksgiving at my parents house when Brandon and I were at dinner for our Anniversary. I am so sad that we missed it, but luckily he was still awake when we got there so he walked some more. I literally couldn't believe and I started crying (how ridiculous huh!?). He acts like he's been doing it forever and now it has only been a week since he started walking and he is practically running already. Watch out mom and dad!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jaxson's 1st Halloween

Halloween has never been so much fun, for me at least. Jaxson wasn't quite as excited since he was being forced to dress ridiculously in several different outfits, since I couldn't make up my mind, and then he's expected to sit still and smile pretty for tons of pictures. But here were the results...some sweet, some cute, and some ridiculously funny!

Jaxson was a cute little chicken for Halloween!

The only problem was that sometimes his big belly would get in the way.

Actually, the only problem is that his mom and dad are crazy! Poor kid, I'd be crying too!
But Brandon and I didn't want to miss out on the fun!
What is he thinking? In his dreams!
At least everthing turned out alright. (Well kind of, Jaxson still isn't quite sure about us). In reality, Brandon is the best nerd I have ever seen, it was actually a little creepy.

Jaxson having fun with his best friends (and cousins), Kamri the cute little"fairy" and Batman, without the mask (aka Tayson) Where is his mask?

Oh there it is, Jaxson stole it!Probably one of the best faces I've ever seen.
Look at those cheeks!
Last but not least, this is the puppy that Jaxson almost was for Halloween before he tried on the chicken suit!

Needless to say he hated the ears and kept trying to pull them off so good thing he was a chicken.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

My wonderful husband...

I got tagged to answer questions about my husband awhile ago and I haven't gotten around to doing it until now. So here it goes... to the best husband in the world!

1) What is his name? Brandon Call McEwen

2) Who eats more? Sometimes that is a toss up, but usually Brandon (I can eat quite an impressive amount of food though, I won't lie)

3) Who said "I love you" first? Brandon said it first, and I'm so glad because I would have wussed out if I had to say it first.

4) Who is taller? Well, it's a close call because he only has about 13 inches on me, but Brandon is, by just a cinch. Just see for yourself (and I'm in heels here)...

5) Who is smarter? That is debatable, because Brandon is probably smarter than me but because I apply myself more you might think that I am. In school, my grades are better and in math I am smarter, but if Brandon actually applied all of the knowledge he has (as if he cared) then he is probably smarter than me. We had a couple of classes together back in the day and he would study for about 15 minutes and I would study for about 3 hours and he would do better than me...he's like a sponge if he wants to be.

6) Who is more sensitive? That is actually a good question. I have become way more sensitive over the years, but Brandon is always a sweet and pretty sensitive guy (when it matters most)

7) Who does the laundry? Brandon surprisingly does most of the laundry, but in my defense, 90% of the clothes are his because he washes anything that was on his body even for a second (dirty or not)

8) Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? When you're laying down I sleep on the right, but if you're standing at the foot and looking at the bed, then he's on the right.

9) Who pays the bills? Brandon usually pays them

10) Who cooks more? I do, if Brandon cooks it is only because he really really wanted something sweet and I wouldn't make it, so he'll make himself a cake or something.

11) Who is more stubborn? I am definitely more stubborn (I got that from my dad and can't help it even if I try)

12) Who admits they are wrong first? Brandon does...he's more sensitive and I'm too stubborn :-)

13) Who has more siblings? He has 7 siblings, I have 3

14) Who wears the pants in the relationship? It depends what pants you are talking, we are very equal in our relationship (at least I think so, he might have a different answer to that)

15) What do you like to do together? I love to do anything together, we don't get to see each other as much as we'd like because of work and school so anytime we get to hang out is awesome. But, we especially like to go to movies, play games, play with Jax, go shopping for Jax, go out to eat, and just hang out and be goofy together.

16) Who eats more sweets? Brandon used to eat more sweets than anyone I know, but interestingly enough he is picky about which ones he'll eat, he doesn't really eat candy, he eats ice cream, cookies, cake, and he will eat some candy bars, but if he likes them then I don't think anyone could out-eat him. I have small amounts of sweets everyday or so, but Brandon's massive amounts every few days equal more than mine, so he eats more I think.

17) Guilty pleasures? Brandon loves playing sports and working out, but he doesn't really get to do it too much anymore. Where does all the time go when you have a kid?

18) How did you meet? We met at college in Utah. It was actually pretty funny because we met the first week that we had both moved in to our apts in the same complex. My roommate and I had heard people talking outside so we glanced out the window, then we went back to doing whatever it was we were doing. Soon enough we heard this little "ping" "ping" outside our window. We realized it was those boys that were outside and they were throwing a ping pong ball at our window to get our attention. They asked if they could come up and meet us and so we finally let them... Anyway, it was Brandon and two of his friends. I had a boyfriend back home at the time and wasn't looking to get swept off my feet by anyone else at the time so we were just really good friends for awhile. Then, I broke up with my boyfriend back home and the sparks began to fly (well they were actually already flying a little). But, we dated and hung out with each other every single day and here we are now (almost 3 years later with a sweet little boy)!

19) Who asked out who first? Brandon will claim that I asked him out first just to make it more interesting, but in reality he asked me out and I still remember everything about our first date.

20) Who proposed and how? Brandon proposed to me on the beach in California. We went on a walk down the beach one night (July 3rd to be exact, he later told me that it was supposed to be on the 4th of July, but he just couldn't wait) and we stopped at a lifeguard tower to talk and just watch the waves. When we were getting up to leave I turned around to get my shoes and when I turned back he was down on his knee. He is so sweet! Then when we went back to the beach house we were staying at (with Brandon's family) his mom and brother were there to greet us with sparkling cider and hugs! They are such an awesome family!

21) His best features and qualities? He has so many good qualities and features I probably wont be able to list them all, but I'll try. First of all, he has such a great sense of humor and is so funny, he always makes me laugh. Not to mention, he is incredibly good looking (quite a handsome, strapping young man indeed). Also, I love how tall he is and how strong, yet sweet and sensitive he is. He is the best dad I have ever seen and he is a wonderful husband, and awesome best friend. Brandon is such a hard worker and really aims to please people. He is trustworthy, loyal and responsible. Needless to say, he is the best ever and I am so lucky to have him as my husband and the father of my children! I love you Brandon, you are our (mine and Jax's) hero!

People I am tagging... Well, I'm supposed to tag people to do this about their own spouse but I think I'm just going to leave it open. So, anyone who reads this, feel free to take the time and brag about and reflect on how awesome your own spouse is!