Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day Camping

Every year for Memorial Day weekend it is like an unwritten rule that my family goes camping, but it is not just any kind of camping. We go with about 8 other families to some random town that has some type of swap meet or other "adventure". Then we couldn't ever go to a campground, we have to find a giant field or untouched meadow to set up camp. Some places are better than others, but this year we went to Packwood, WA (pretty much next to nothing) and it was great. It was a beautiful place and we had lots of fun playing games, sitting around the camp fire, and I discovered a new found love....we'll get to that later.
First off, Jax had the time of his life with lots of kids to play with and a few sweet rides...

Carson was reluctant to take Jaxson on rides because he would rather be with Aponi (the little girl), I can't blame him.
But Jaxson picked up some girls of his own...ok not really, I was trying to fit in the car to push the pedal since Jax's chubby little legs were too short.
If it was up to Jaxson he would have been driving a car or been pushed in a wagon the entire 3 days. Sometimes we needed a break so he would just go sit in it by himself and pretend...poor kid.
But we even managed to get in a competitive game of kick ball, which was quite comical for several reasons. First, we absolutely demolished the other team (of course we kept score) not only did we 10-run them, but is there such a thing as 30-running a team? Second off, Brandon's 1st at bat he literally popped the kickball, his 2nd time at bat he was sprinting to 3rd base and someone's big dog came out of no where and took him out (him and the dog were both surprised and got laid out), and the next time we were on defense he fell over going to catch a ball and did like a springing dive from the ground to make the catch. You might have had to be there to see the comedy, but boy was it was funny.You can never underestimate the products being sold at a swap meet, you will find amazing things. We found an entire booth with wrestling masks; this is my brother in his. We had a contest one day between everyone to see who could find the most unusual thing at the swap meet, surprisingly he didn't even win!

Now I don't know if you can tell what this is a picture of, but it is my new love...a live auction! There was a big auction in Packwood with thousands of items and at first it is almost annoying to sit there and listen, but the longer you do it you kind of fall in love with it, or at least I did. Anyway, we actually got some stuff in our excellent bidding, the highlight?? a chair and ottoman that look like a baseball (for Jaxson's room). Everyone should try it, maybe you'll love it too.

We also got to go to see some family (uncle Mark, Candy, and cousins Tim and Beccy and their cute baby Addison and Josh and Irene and their 2 little girls). It was great to swim, BBQ, and just catch up with them. Once we got home from all of the excitement on Memorial day we played golf, BBQ'd, and had fun at Grandma and Grandpa's house. All in all, a fun weekend!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's day! I was lucky enough to wake up to beautiful roses and a delicious breakfast that Brandon got up early to make for me. And I got one of his famous and amazing homemade cards. Brandon thinks that real cards are a waste of money so he usually makes his own and they are usually better than any one that you could buy anyways.
I am so thankful to have such a wonderful family and to have the privilege of being a mommy. I am so lucky and I love my family more than anything!

All the grand kids at Grandma and Papa's house for Mother's Day dinner. Getting this picture was the funniest thing ever. My mom was trying to get a picture of these kids for like 15 minutes and they were so fidgety or just weren't cooperating. When they finally calmed down her camera died, so as she was changing batteries, I walked right over with my camera and said "cheese" and they all smiled beautifully! Sorry mom, I'll send you the picture!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

April update

April was a busy month at the McEwen household. We definitely kept ourselves busy and can't believe that the month is already over. Here's a little recap of it all...

We had lots of fun making s'mores,

Sliding down stairs,

and playing dress up!

We attacked the crazy jungle that we call our backyard and still have LOTS to do to get rid of all of the overgrown plants and ivy. I despise ivy!!

We loved celebrating Easter and getting a visit from the Easter bunny.

I rejoiced in my faithful Honda that made it to 200,000 miles (and then bought a new car shortly after, but at least we kept the Honda in the family).

And we had a blast at the Portland zoo standing tall like bears and trumpeting like elephants!

But I must mention one of the best things was that I finished another semester of school! Only student teaching left this fall! Yay! Is it ironic that I hate school but I am going to be a teacher?