Saturday, June 28, 2008

Life in the fast lane

Well, I haven't been as good about keeping our blog updated lately, but we have had so much going on. Brandon and I just bought our first house and we're so excited! We are trying to paint and get everything set up before we move in just so it is not so chaotic when we're actually living in it. We have lots of painting to do since the people who lived there before us had a theme in every room, most of which had ridiculous decorations and outrageous wall paper. Don't worry, I took pictures before we tore everything down so you will be able to see the transformations. That wont be for awhile though, at least until we get settled in.
Anyway, other than that Brandon has pretty much finished school, passed the state EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) test and is awaiting the fire academy and testing for firefighting, both of which will begin this fall. Yay! He is really loving it though and he's doing awesome. I on the other hand will be going to school for the rest of my life because I think its awesome and I can't get enough of it! Just a little sarcasm...actually, I am so sick of it and can't wait to be done. Who would've thought that I would become a professional student? I will be done someday though, and I will have my teaching degree that I don't even know if I'll want to use...we'll see.

On another note, Jaxson is a giant!! He is getting so big and it is blowing my mind. Didn't I just have him? He is 6 months old now and he just started getting both of his two bottom teeth last week. He is the funniest, cutest kid ever (I am quite biased, I know) and has so much personality. Here's our boy...

Don't tell Daddy!

Typical Jaxson game face...he looks like a little old man most of the time!