Monday, June 29, 2009

Annual Lake Chelan Vacation

For the past 20+ years my family has made many trips to a small town called Chelan in Central Washington where my parents have a condo on the lake. It is always a fun getaway where we get to play and relax with family. This year, Brandon, Jaxson, and I stayed for the whole week, so it was a special treat! Of course we spent lots of time swimming in the pool, but we also loved to go down to the lake to skip rocks and play in the sand. (It was a bit too cold to get me to swim in the lake, but I put my legs in and then Jaxson walked right in to the water up to his tummy like it was nothing).

Jaxson would have lived at the park and slept on the swings if he had a choice

However, he wasn't as fond of the cute little pony carriage ride that him and his cousin Tayson went on at the "farm". I thought this picture was so cute, but right after I took it they turned around and headed back to us because Jaxson was screaming once he realized he was sitting next to a stranger and mommy and daddy weren't there.There was also a big tractor at the "farm" that Jaxson swore he was driving and was so excited about it.

And there were lots of pretty flowers that helped me get some cute pictures.

Thanks to Gramma and Papa for another fun time at Lake Chelan! Now we're off to California for almost 2 weeks to see Grandma Lori, Aunts, Uncles, and cousins! We're so excited and can't wait to see you all!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nursery...really, already?

Church is supposed to be a peaceful, spiritual experience, right? Well sometimes it is not exactly peaceful or spiritual when my overtired, hyperactive toddler is running around aimlessly distracting everyone in Primary (both of our callings are in Primary). Needless to say, I am usually exhausted and far from being reverent or spiritual by the time church is over. So, this past Sunday I accepted an offer from one of the nursery leaders to bring Jaxson into nursery (even though he's still got a month to go) and see how he does. Surprisingly, he did very well...but I did not. Since I didn't have him to chase after and constantly keep me on edge, I missed him and didn't quite know what to do with my freedom. I only snuck in to check on him once, but I am sad that my little baby is growing up and he doesn't need his mommy all of the time! Oh how quickly time flies!