Saturday, January 2, 2010

Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday and New Year

I love the holiday season! I am always so happy to have the Christmas spirit in my home and see the kindness of people as they celebrate our Savior's birth. It is such a great holiday! Not to mention, it is always fun putting up decorations, baking lots of yummy desserts, and giving presents. This Christmas was especially fun because Jaxson is actually old enough to enjoy opening presents and he was fascinated by Santa. Every time he saw a picture or decoration of Santa he would say "Santa, ho ho ho!" and would then ask for presents. We had Santa come to our work Christmas party and I thought Jax would be scared, but he actually liked him. (This was the best Santa I have ever seen, real beard and all).

We had fun at Grandma and Papa's house for Christmas Eve dinner and some early presents.

Bryce and I had a little bit too much fun playing with Kamri's (my niece) little keyboard.
On Christmas morning we opened all of our presents and had my family come over for breakfast. Then, we opened more presents with everyone!
Jaxson got a new tool bench with lots of tools and he loves to "build" and hammer things.
Then, the very next day, we had Jaxson's 2nd birthday party! He had lots of family and friends to celebrate with at his "Farm animal" birthday! The kids helped open presents, they played Elefun, raced cars, and had lots of balloons to kick around.
Jax loved these huge, adorable pig and cow balloons,
he had a horse cake and farm animal cupcakes that mommy had way too much fun making.
Overall, he had a great Christmas and birthday, but after 3 days of opening presents, he thinks he should get to open presents everyday! We are looking forward to the New Year and wish everyone all the best in 2010!!