Sunday, May 15, 2011

MASSIVE update!

Ok, so I have been terrible about updating my blog, sorry! But, we've had a lot going on lately. In a nutshell: Jaxson is a sunbeam in Primary at church (crazy!!!) and only has 1.5 weeks of preschool left. He has been such a sweet boy lately (thankfully...he was being super rotten for awhile and I was pretty close to selling him, but now he's like a little angel :-) Throughout the day he will be like "Mommy, I love you...and I love brother and daddy and I love myself! So cute! Not to mention that he says the funniest things, loving this age!
Jagger, who is 8 months old now, gave us a little scare for awhile because he was refusing to eat and wasn't gaining weight and actually dropped off of the weight chart because he was getting so skinny and had all these other issues (like a horrible cough, diarrhea for like a month-I know TMI, sorry-wheezing, and all sorts of fun stuff). But, we took him to a Pulmonary specialist in Seattle and come to find out his major prob was reflux! So, he's been on meds and doing MUCH better. He is such a happy little guy and is SO much fun. He is getting close to crawling now that he can tolerate being on his stomach for more than 5 seconds without screaming. He used to scoot himself backwards on his stomach across the entire room screaming. So, he's made progress.
The biggest news that happened lately is that we're moving back to Utah, and we are leaving in 1 month! It was kind of sudden, but Brandon has a wonderful job opportunity to start a business with his dad doing all different kinds of real estate deals. So, we are really excited for the opportunity, but it's definitely bittersweet because we're leaving all of our family and friends here in Tri-cities :-( We have our house up for sale and have already started packing so it's starting to become a little more real! But, if someone would come buy our house, it would make things a lot easier, so hurry and come buy it! Anyway, that's what is happening here! Things are going well, but a little crazy!On a side note, one of my best friends, Chelsea Davis, of Chelsea Rose Photography, is an amazing photographer and she took some family pics for us and I LOVE them!!! But, here are a few that she took!


Cassie and Mitch said...

congrats on your new adventure to come! By the way I LOVE your family pics, soooo soo cute!

Katie and Kaden said...

Such cute boys! Where in utah are you moving to?! I love the pictures! I hope you are doing good! You, me, robyn and our kids should all do lunch or take kids to a park for playtime or something when you get here!

lonnyanddeanne said...

Love your pictures!! What a nice looking family:) How are you??? Ahh, I was so excited when Donny told me that you guys were moving back to Utah. Lets get together! We plan to be there for a while from about June 28th thru July 18th. And down the road maybe we can buy neighboring homes in the same culdesac:)

Alyssa/Jo said...

I love the pics and I'm so glad you are moving here!! YAY TWINNER! That is awesome about the job opportunity with your father-in-law...I'd love to hear more about it!

Courtney said...

Poor little Jag (he and I are on nickname basis). Chet also has reflux, but not the same I guess since he never had breathing problems or diarrhea. Anyway, I sort of feel your pain.

I will buy your house if you buy mine! I hate selling houses!

Welcome to Utah baby!

Robyn and Clint said...

Oh I love your family pictures!! And we should totally get together when you get here! That is so scary about jag!! Glad you got it figured out. That can be so stressfull!! So excited to see you!!! Good luck on the move! Let me know when your here!